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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Finally, The Magic Number 10000: Saga FLX

Long time no update. Life has been lazy. I mean I have been lazy. XD

A few days ago, the car reached 10000km milestone. Went to Proton at Plentong for service, and I did a bit of complain over the front left door sensor, which doesn't detect well.
Something weird occur when I asked to switch to fully synthetic engine oil. The service center's FS is the high viscosity 15W-50 (strange for a FS) type of engine oil and they don't recommend it. No choice but to continue with semi synthetic 10W-40. Overall service cost about RM120. Good news is the service interval, even with semi-synthetic, is 10000km with this Saga FLX. The next service at 20000km is going to be quite costly (T__T )

For those who is going to go service their Proton, remember to reject ALL ADDITIONAL OFFER, like the X-1R engine treatment (RM45) and aircond cleaner (RM25) (or something in that range) unless you got extra pocket money. Not worth it and unnecessary in my opinion. Just stick to whatever inside the service booklet. 

After the service, the car does really feel lighter! Slightly but surely (or maybe it is just me, placebo effect), the car feels more responsive and much quieter compared to before. Fuel consumption is still about the same, or maybe I have become heavy-footed due to the increase in responsiveness?


If you want to monitor your instant fuel consumption ala Honda City etc style, you can always get a Bluetooth OBDII adapter and connect to your bluetooth handphone (Android only, iOS version will require WiFi version of the adapter, which is much more expensive than the Bluetooth version. I will probably write a review on that later when I have time. With the adapter and proper software, you can actually know instantly that whether your driving style is good or bad! Stay tune (?) until I am done with that.

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